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About Richmond International

Richmond International, operating under Aksoy Group, is a next generation management company established to provide consulting, training, and administrative services in the international tourism arena. Executes the management of Richmond Hotels, a private investment of the group, as well as the management and consulting functions of local and international hotels already established or in the process of establishment, under the Richmond brand.

With a vision of 360° hotel management, Richmond International translates the Group’s superior hospitality concept, knowledge and service culture into investors’ projects in Turkey and all over the world.


To become the environmentally-conscious, collaborative, innovative preferred brand that holds the highest level of service quality and customer satisfaction with its young, dynamic, and professional team, is a pioneer in social responsibility projects, respectful of ethical values with its honest transparent management, can create awareness and creative solutions, and one that targets sustainable growth in the light of technological advancements.


With a pioneering and innovative perception of management, creating businesses that will each be acknowledged as international brands, there by giving the Richmond name, which is equal with customer satisfaction, a prominent position in the global tourism arena.