Ephesus Restaurant

Ephesus Restaurant has something to suit everyone’s taste buds and its delicious buffet is open all day.

Service Hours

Buffet breakfast 07.00-10.00
Buffet late breakfast 10.00-10.30
Lunch buffet 12.30-14.30
Dinner buffet 19.30-21.30
Late night buffet 00.00-01.00

Artemis Restaurant

Artemis Restaurant is a pleasant venue for a special start to your night that features a rich seafood menu. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating so you can make your night unforgettable with a magnificent view of the Aegean from the terrace.

*Guests who are staying on our all-inclusive plan can make a reservation with our restaurant which is open only in the summer. 

*Restaurant opening-closing times may vary depending on hotel occupancy rates.

Aegean Restaurant

Serving world-class selections from Turkish and Italian cuisine, Aegean Restaurant is located in the hotel’s lush garden. Guests can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and a view of the sea.

*Guests who are staying on our all-inclusive plan can make a reservation with our restaurant which is open only in the summer.

*This service may be offered in different sections of the hotel based on the hotel’s occupancy ratio and weather conditions; opening-closing times may vary.

Rich Bar

Rich Bar is located in the lobby and is open all day; you to enjoy an a la carte menu along with live music during the evening hours.

Service Hours

Monday-Sunday: 10:00-00:00

*Live music continues through the winter 6 nights a week.

Eyvan Cafe

Located in the hotel’s garden, Eyvan Cafe injects flavor into your afternoon with amazingly delicious foods.

Service Hours


12:30-17:00 Snacks

17:00-18:00 Tea buffet

*Open only during the summer.  This service may be provided in different sections of the hotel depending on weather conditions and hotel occupancy.

Beach Bar

Beach Bar is situated in the garden right next to the beach to help you enjoy the sea all day long.

Service Hours

Monday-Sunday: 10:00-19:00

Pan bread service: 12:30-17:00

*Open only during the summer.

Wine House

Located in the garden among the camellias, Wine House provides a relaxing atmosphere where you can taste delicious wines and enjoy live music.

Service Hours

Monday-Sunday: 20:00-23:00

*Open only during the summer. Live music continues through the summer 6 nights a week.

Sunset Bar

Located in the outdoor pool area, Sunset Bar provides beverage service for our guests who want to swim in the pool and suntan.

Service Hours

Monday-Sunday: 10:00-23:00

*Open only during the summer.

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